Wellbeing Mentors

Your journey of self-discovery begins here


Be aware of the present moment and reconnect with the intelligence and aliveness of your body


Find a meditation practice that works for you and go deeper into the peace and stillness within

Emotional processing

Let go of repressed emotions and post-traumatic stress

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.


Self-growth as a way of life

Our lives can be used as a journey which moves us toward deeper levels happiness, balance, fulfilment and inner peace

Our Mentors


Tim was so professional and kind. He had a very encouraging and non-judgemental way of listening and discussing with me. He is very warm and easy to talk to. He made me feel genuinely heard and respected.


I can ‘hand on heart’ say that Wazee is a very wise and perceptive teacher with whom I have worked deeply and in total trust.



The Art of Letting Go: Why we fail to process our emotions and what to do about it

One of the most common themes I have noticed since working as a counsellor and a mentor relates to how difficult people find it to fully acknowledge and process their emotions. I believe this to be a widespread problem in modern society, with roots not only in our system of education but also in ourContinue reading “The Art of Letting Go: Why we fail to process our emotions and what to do about it”

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