About us

We are a growing community of people focussed on guiding those who are open to a new way of living. Our intention is to help people learn to bring balance, happiness and peace into their lives, developing new and healthier ways of being and letting unnecessary anxieties and negative belief systems fall away. This platform has been created for mentors to offer their services to a growing online community. It will also be a source of free content which can provide additional information and support including blog posts and pre-recorded content such as guided meditations.


It has been almost ten years since I realised that my path in life was to somehow help and support others. Having explored a few different disciplines I now know that working as a counsellor and a mentor is my calling. I find the experience of helping others to realise and fulfil their potential deeply fulfilling, and I am offering my services to those who feel ready for positive change.

I have an interest in self-growth and wellness, and love to learn more about what it is to be human and our place within reality. I like reading a wide range of books and my biggest passion is to explore new cultures and ways of being.

My inspiration mostly comes from psychology, mindfulness & meditation, and learning directly from others and my own experiences of life.


A friend of mine once told me that one thing I represent for him is dedication. Since early adulthood I have ardently focused my energy towards understanding reality and how we can fully blossom as human beings.

I am very passionate about life and feel in my element when I am allowed to share my discoveries and gifts with others. Playfulness is a core aspect of my being.

Day-to-day I very much enjoy contemplating, playing tennis, meditating, watching movies, having a good laugh, running, and meeting loved one’s.

I draw most of my inspiration from sciences and approaches that involve psychology, philosophy, spirituality, consciousness, Yoga, holistic health, and meditation.

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